Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Board of Appeals meets the first Thursday of each month.  As a result of the Village Hall fire in August 2022, location for this meeting varies.  For up-to-date location of each meeting, please refer to the Calendar or Agenda & Minutes on this website.

Questions about the application process may be addressed to Jackie Nissan, Secretary to the Planning Board, at (516) 482-2000 ext. 114 or jnissan@greatneckvillage.org.

Title First Name Last Name Term
Chairperson/Member Dennis Grossman 2021-2024
Member Jay Johneas 2024-2028
Member Ronald Poons 2020-2025 *
Member Cindy Bernstein 2022-2026
Member Charles Segal 2019-2024
Alternate Carl Abraham One year Term