Mayor Bral and Board of Trustees Launch First Step in Village Vision

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Mayor Bral and Board of Trustees Launch First Step in Village Vision
Engages Residents’ Feedback and Ideas

Great Neck, New York, March 7, 2018 – VHB land use development engineers, who have been engaged by Mayor Pedram Bral and The Board of Trustees to conduct a Middle Neck Road and East Shore Road Corridor Study, presented their preliminary draft report at the Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday  evening, March 6th, 2018.

The comprehensive approach to the corridor study is aimed at addressing various issues such as commercial vacancies; much-needed residential development, underutilized parking, and sets a framework for future development. Specifically, the goal of the study is five- fold; to stimulate economic activity, to create a supportive environment for construction opportunities, to create an effective tool to regulate incentives, to establish skylines to protect the character and feel of Great Neck, and lastly, to implement pedestrian safety solutions.

 “My goal is to create a destination point that will draw people to the area  for recreation, shopping and dining, and hopefully will spur an economic benefit to the village at large,” expressed Mayor Bral.

VHB’s presentation of their draft report generated a spirited discussion by residents who shared their thoughts and ideas for what they envision should be incorporated in a reinvigorated and reenergized Village main street, and surrounding area.

A final presentation by VHB, that will take into consideration the Board’s’ comments, and include an environmental impact statement, will follow at a future meeting.