RFP For Landscape Architect Services

Village of Great Neck
Request for Proposal (RFP)
Landscape Architect Services

1. Overview
The Village of Great Neck is requesting proposals from qualified firms to provide design and engineering services in developing a design for the construction of a pedestrian bridge crossing the stream at the end of Essex Rd in between Wooleys Lane and Piccadilly Rd including Section 1 Block 190 Lots 21 and 22. The purpose of this pedestrian bridge is to provide easy walking passage between the Baker Hill and Allenwood sections of Great Neck and to enhance the park area along Wooleys Lane.

The Village of Great Neck takes the position that it is not legally obliged to award a contract to the lowest responsible bidder for this engagement, and reserves the right to reject all Proposals, to engage the services of any one or more Proposers notwithstanding the contents of their Proposals, and/or to engage the services of a Landscape Architect who does not respond to this Request for Proposals.  Furthermore, before making a selection, the Village reserves the right to further negotiate with one or more Landscape Architects (Pro posers or not) over the scope of services, the price, and/or any other terms of any final agreement for services.

Proposers are encouraged to submit Proposals which comport with the requirements of this RFP, but also to include ideas, suggestions and/or services not expressly mentioned but which the Pro poser believes may be of interest to the Village.

2. Project Description
The Landscape Architect (LA) shall prepare a schematic design as part of the bid package along with 2 or 3 recommendations for a type of bridge.  Following the award of the contract, the LA will prepare a preliminary design for the approval of the Village Board of Trustees, a project budget, a final design and then a complete set of Construction Documents for bidding and construction.  The bridge will provide 24 hour access for pedestrian traffic, must be A DA compliant and enhance the surrounding homes and park land.

The Project will be funded by the Village of Great Neck and will be maintained in partnership with the Great Neck Parks District.  Approvals may be needed from the Great Neck Parks District and Nassau County (who maintains the ravine).

A current survey is attached as Attachment A as well as a Land and Tax Map as Attachment B.  The selected LA will be responsible for additional topographic mapping needed as well as soil testing and conducting appropriate environmental review for the project.  The LA shall also procure all environmental permits and approvals for bridge construction.

The bridge and park design shall be aesthetically pleasing and must incorporate landscaping and architectural features to create an attractive feature in Great Neck.  It should be designed in a way that will discourage skateboarders and cyclists from using the bridge in an unsafe manner.  The design should include materials that require low maintenance costs, easy snow removal and must take into account a sustainable design and construction.

3. Scope of Services
The proposal shall include the following major tasks:

  • Design of the overall area integrating a pre-fabricated bridge into that design as well as on and off ramps and surrounding landscaping
  • Costs for soil testing and any engineering necessary to complete design
  • Coordination between the bridge company, LA, Project Manager, Village authorities
  • LA shall provide Construction Documents including Plans, Specifications and Estimate (PS&E)
  • Plans shall include but not be limited to:
    • Existing conditions
    • Demo plans and tree removal
    • Drainage plan
    • Erosion and sediment control plans
    • Retaining walls to address differences in elevations
    • Bridge and abutment plans and other site construction details
    • On and off ramp details
  • All plans must be A DA compliant
  • LA will provide specifications for the bridge to be used in a public bidding process.

4. RFP Proposal Requirements
Please prepare and organize your proposal to include a proposed budget, fees for service, proposed schedule for design work, schematic design and resumes for the team.

Proposals should be submitted by email (PDF format) and 2 hard copies to:
Mr. Joe Gill
Village Clerk
61 Baker Hill Road
Great Neck, NY 11023

Any questions should be emailed to:
Ms. Allegra Goldberg, Project Manager

Deadline to submit questions: July 9, 2018
Proposals are due no later than 4pm on July 13, 2018

Post-marked packages dated on the specified proposal due date will NOT be accepted.  Any proposal submitted after the deadline will not be accepted for consideration.

Attachments can be viewed here:
Attachments A and B