Great Neck Parks District Announces Book Bazaar Giveaway

The Great Neck Park District is pleased to announce an unexpected offering for our community: a Book Bazaar at Great Neck House for a book give-away!

As residents know, the Great Neck Library on Bayview Avenue has been undergoing renovation for two years. In the week prior to its Gala for invited guests to be followed by the official re-opening of the library’s doors, library employees were concluding a final shelving and weeding of books.

A resident known to many of us, Rebecca Rosenblatt Gilliar, offered to take the books the library had earmarked for removal and disposal. Mrs. Gilliar accepted ownership of the books, which number in the thousands. She then contacted GNPD Superintendent Jason Marra and proposed a Book Bazaar where the books could be given back to our community. The books are of good quality, fiction and non-fiction.

Superintendent Marra immediately recognized the benefit to the community the park district serves and, after consulting with the park commissioners, set the plan in motion.

 It is fitting that the Book Bazaar will take place at Great Neck House, which was Great Neck’s library until 1970 when the library on Bayview was built.

 The Book Bazaar will begin Monday midday, October 24, and will continue for a week or more according to the supply of books. Each resident is welcome to come and take one book, or two, or a few!