Message from the Mayor


Message from the Mayor
Envision not Division
Imagine what 10,000 people in the village of Great Neck can accomplish if we all respected each other.
Imagine if we chose to lift those who need our help.
Imagine if we cheered others while working toward our own goals.
Imagine if we lived in a world where everyone cared about the needs of their neighbors.
Imagine if we all believed in each other and discussed our differences in a civil manner.
Definitely something I would not only want to imagine, but want to envision and make it a reality.
The attitude of everyone, we cannot change. The words of a few outspoken individuals who made negative, derogatory and hurtful statements, does not represent the whole segment of the community. We must all strive to build bridges and stand united.
Let us set the example of kindness, compassion and integrity.
Who we are is measured by how we make others feel and how we treat people.
Who we are is much more important than what we have and we are all capable of making a positive difference in our neighbor's  lives.
For those who voted for us, we appreciate your trust in our leadership and our vision. By participating in our village election you took a step forward in showing that you care enough to vote for what you believe in. I thank all of you.
For those who did not vote for us, I am extending an invitation so you can address your concerns and needs.
So I ask all of you, let us start today.
There are many opportunities for us to unite and move forward.
We must celebrate our differences and come together as One Great Neck and One United Community.
We must inspire each other and believe in each other.
We can if we unite.
Pedram Bral, M.D.
Mayor, Village of Great Neck