COVID-19  Uptick - Please remain vigilant as High Holidays Approach

Dear Great Neck residents,

As the high holidays approach and we are around our family and friends, I am imploring you again to practice proper social distancing and wearing masks.

There have been multiple gatherings indoors and out, in Great Neck, without these precautions and now we have a large uptick in a short period of time which was not necessary.

At Passover/Easter when COVID was at its peak ,I implored you to stay home and not gather with family and to consider how the elderly members of the community are compromised.

Thankfully, the wonderful residents of Great Neck were so cooperative, and the data that followed was a testament to your compliance.

We have made such great strides. While our economy has opened up, and with schools open and kids attending in person classes, we must be extra vigilant. Please wear masks and practice social distancing.

Now that it is permissible to gather I am urging you to please respect the guidelines.
These times are the test of our patience and resolve. We must not give in and attend parties or any gatherings where these guidelines are not upheld. I encourage outdoor gatherings and for all indoor gatherings to be minimized as much as possible.
The kids need to socialize and in person schooling is the right choice for many.
Lets not reverse all the progress we have made.

If we have a significant increase in the numbers of COVID positives, the schools will be forced to shut down again.

As the weather WILL BE permitting I strongly recommend any family gatherings for dinner or lunch to be held outdoors.

May the new year usher in good health. I wish you all a happy new year.