Update on Village Hall Fire

September 15th

Village Hall is now located at 767 Middle Neck Road.  Visitor parking is available but limited on site. Trailer on the north of parking lot (to the left of entrance) is dedicated to all Building Department matters. Trailer on the east (across from entrance) is housing Clerk/Main office and the Village Justice Court office. Our hours of operation is 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Next week, our IT contractor will install cabling throughout the two trailers and will start setting IT equipment that were lost due to the fire. Our new phone system will be installed after installation of cabling as well.

September 20th Board of Trustees meeting will be held at the Village of Saddle Rock Village Hall at 18 Masefield Way, Saddle Rock Road, NY 11023. We are grateful to Mayor Levy for allowing the Village to use their facilities. 

You can also watch the meeting on zoom (https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82421609058?pwd=dldhMHdNU1l0dzV4T3IyZmdWeGY2UT09) or on the Village's YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCerJqj7FzeAXMx0z3Pi9J2g). Please note that participant can only view the meeting but they cannot participate in the meeting. 

Zoom Meeting ID: 824 2160 9058 | Passcode: 864372 | 646-931 3860

Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

September 11th

Village Hall is relocating to 767 Middle Neck Road.  The move will take place on Monday September 12th and Tuesday September 13th. As a result, the Village Hall will be closed to public as employees will be unable to help residence in person or over the phone. Village Hall at its new location will be open to public on Wednesday September 14th at 8:30 am. Our phone numbers and email addresses will remain the same.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

September 1st

Village Hall is scheduled to move during the week of September 6th to 767 Middle Neck Road.  Temporary offices will be set up in 2 trailers at that location and visitor parking will be available.  Our phone number and extensions remain the same.  

Village Hall employees will have very limited access to resources and equipment during the move.  As a result, many Village Hall functions will be unavailable. 

Your patience and understanding during this time is greatly appreciated.

Please note, the Board of Trustees September 6th, 2022 meeting will be virtual and held on zoom.
To join the zoom meeting, please click on or copy and past the link below to your browser:


Meeting ID: 831 3661 7662
Passcode: 194368

August 15th

Power was restored to the Village Hall earlier today.

Employees came back to the Village Hall and helped the residents in person as much as possible with the limited resources available.
Computers and network connectivity is still an issue as some of the employees cannot access the IT infrastructure due to individual computers damaged by smoke or water.

We have received multiple concerns that residents cannot reach employees. However, you can reach the Village staff by calling 516-482-2000, wait for the emergency message to be announced, then dial the employees' direct extension, found here.

August 16th meeting will be virtual and no items will be voted on. To join the meeting, please click here: 
Meeting ID: 893 6512 0122  |  Passcode: 901816

August 12th - PM

OEM BusWe are working tirelessly to restore some level of business at the Village Hall.

This morning, Mayor Bral had a successful meeting with the County Executive Bruce Blakeman and Chief Deputy County Executive Arthur Walsh. Mr. Walsh instructed the County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) to mobilize the OEM Command Center to the Village Hall. Mayor Bral expressed his deepest appreciation to the County officials for their help. 

OEM Command Center will be utilized on Monday to house some of the staff back at the Village Hall. We are working on restoring power to the Village Hall on Monday as well. Remediation continued today at the Village Hall and debris are hauled to the newly placed dumpster at the right side of the building.

You can reach the Village staff by calling 516-482-2000, wait for the emergency message announcement, and dialing the employees' extension, found here

August 12th - AM

On August 9th in the evening, the Village Hall was struck by lightning, causing fire to the left side of the structure. The fire has made the building inoperable due to smoke and water damage. Utilities to the building is disconnected to prevent further damage. 

We would like to express our appreciation to numerous Volunteer Fire companies, including the Village's Alert Fire Company, that responded to the Village Hall within minutes and contained the fire speedily. We are also grateful to multiple agencies and officials from Nassau County, including the Police Department, Fire Commissioner, Office of Emergency Management, Public Safety and detectives at Arson and Bomb squad. Thank you to resident across the Village Hall who made the 911 call.

Here is what you need to know:
- Sanitation is not affected by the Fire. There is normal collection in effect. 
- After discussion with the Village Counsel, we have interview multiple Public Adjusters and after taking into consideration many factors, including length of service, recommendation from other municipalities with the same issue, adjuster work record and consultation with professionals, the Village has retained services of a public adjuster.
- Village's insurer carrier will be on premise to inspect the damages.
- Remediation work has begun at the Village Hall to stop any further damage to the structure and content. 
- Some Village records sustained water damage but majority of the records are only lightly affected by the smoke and remediation will be considered. 
- IT has removed the server to a secure location and determined that no damage was done to the devise and no loss of data occurred.
- All IT infrastructures are removed to a secure location. Data on computers with water or smoke damage are recovered.
- Phone system is operable and residents can call the Village Hall and after listening to a short message regarding the fire, they can dial employees extension and employees should be able to talk to residents from a remote location.
- We are working hard to secure a location to resume operation.

We try to update the resident as fast as we can.

Thank you for your patience and support!