Village Waives Sidewalk Repair Permit Fees

Village of Great Neck AnnouncesAnnual “Sidewalk Sale”

Village to Waive All Fees Related to Sidewalk Repairs and Replacements

 Great Neck, N.Y. (March 15, 2016) – Village of Great Neck Mayor Pedram Bral, MD and the Village Board of Trustees voted unanimously to approve its 11th Annual Sidewalk Sale which will waive all fees and deposits required in connection with sidewalk repairs or replacements.  The measure went into effect on Wednesday, March 16, 2016 and will apply to all permits issued until November 30, 2016.

The Mayor and the Board of Trustees hope the waiver of permit fees will encourage property owners in the Village to repair the many sidewalks in the Village that are in disrepair and have become a hazard for pedestrians. 

 The Sidewalk Sale waives both the permit fees and completion deposits required for residents and businesses of the Village of Great Neck when repairing or replacing their sidewalks.  While a permit from the Village is still required, the permit fee – which is normally $200 – and the completion deposit, which depends on the extent of the work done, are both waived. Replacement sidewalks on Middle Neck Road must use the “Brick” Pavers.

 For more information on the Village’s 2016 Sidewalk Sale or to apply for a permit, please stop in or call the Village Hall at (516) 482-0019.