Skating Rink Extended Till Feb 2
Village of GN residents
50% off voucher

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Keeping the Lights Glowing

 Last month, after having attended the opening ceremony of the outdoor ice-skating rink at the Village Green on December 8th, I offered kudos to the Great Neck Parks District for creating a magical experience right here in the heart of the Village of Great Neck, (“Village Aglow with Lights and Ice,” December 13.) The vibrancy and excitement was palpable. The joy on the faces of those in attendance were priceless.

 We are blessed to live in Great Neck which is chock full of parks. Parks provide a tangible reflection of the quality of life in a community, they provide a safe place for all, from children to seniors, and opportunities for strengthening family ties, and they are an escape from the stress of modern life. Additionally, for those that have a proclivity for scientific data, studies have indicated a direct correlation between parks and improved mental and physical health. Special events at parks accomplish just that.

 Scheduled to close this coming Sunday , January 12th, and after collaboration with the Great Neck Park District, I made a motion at last evening’s Board of Trustees meeting, which was approved by majority, to provide funding to the Great Neck Parks District to enable them to extend the outdoor ice-skating rink at the Village Green through February 2nd, so that residents and nonresidents alike can further participate and enjoy. Specifically, The Board of Trustees approved the expenditure of up to $24,000 from Park Trust Fund, which reflects 50% of the cost of fuel, generator and rink rental for the three additional weeks. Funds allocated will be disbursed from a special trust account, funded by subdivision applicants, and not by property tax revenue.

 Additionally, as part of our collaboration with the Park District, residents of Great Neck Village will be afforded a voucher for 50% off the cost of skating admission, skate rental, igloo and fire pit rental, subject to availability. Residents can obtain these vouchers at the Village Hall beginning Monday January 13th. For further information, please call the Village Hall at (516) 482-0019.

 The last day of the extended duration of this event, February 2nd, coincides with two notable happenings, Groundhog Day and the Superbowl. The Great Neck Parks District administration is enthusiastic about offering additional activities including some that previously had to be cancelled due to weather.

 It is my belief that this investment will further enhance the quality of life of the community at large and will be enjoyed by all. I look forward to seeing you there.

 Pedram Bral M.D
Mayor, Village of Great Neck