Memo Regarding Prepayment of Village Taxes

Date: December 19, 2017
To: Village Hall Staff
From: Joe Gill, Clerk-Treasurer
Subject: Pre-Payment of Village 2018-2019 Taxes

With the likelihood of passage of Federal Tax reform some residents may be inquiring about pre-paying next year's taxes. 

Taxes may only be collected after the Board of Trustees approves a Budget, levies the taxes, and issues a warrant to the Clerk-Treasurer to collect such taxes. We have no authority to collect taxes prior to the warrant being issued. 

Further, even if we were to collect some amount based on last year's tax levy, we cannot make any determination that the Internal Revenue Service would allow such prepayment to be deducted. 

The memo and the New York State case law addressing this issue will be posted on our website. To view the full memo and backup click here.