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00-11-2020 Notice of  Tentative Assessment Roll and Grievance Day
00-29-2020 Will we have an early spring or six more weeks of winter in Great Neck?
00-24-2020 GONG XI FA CAI - Happy Chinese New  Year!
00-09-2020 Skating Rink Extended Till Feb 2
Village of GN residents
50% off voucher
00-27-2019 2020 Sanitation Schedule
00-19-2019 Lifting of Overnight Parking Restrictions for Holiday
00-19-2019 New Three Story in Heart of Village of Great Neck Delights All
00-05-2019 Village Board Approves Installation of Additional Traffic Signage
00-03-2019 Village Green home to Lights and Ice Winter Holiday Spectacular
00-27-2019 Holiday Safety Tips from Nassau Police Department
00-12-2019 Parking Courtesy Notices
00-25-2019 Middle Neck Road Traffic Safety Meeting
00-24-2019 Mayor Bral Announces Lifting Of Parking Restrictions For Religious Observance
00-30-2019 Meeting Cancellation
00-20-2019 Message from the Mayor
00-31-2019 2019-2020 Tax Roll Now Available online!
00-23-2019 2019 Great Neck Village Street Fair and Music Festival  Coming Soon!
00-23-2019 Do your part to Shed The Meds!
00-10-2019 Board of Trustees hosts Nassau County Police Department Homeland Security for a Special Presentation
00-18-2019 Mayor Bral Announces  Lifting of Parking Restrictions for Religious Observance
00-09-2019 Passover Extra Sanitation Pick Up
00-09-2019 2019 Final Assessment Roll
00-27-2019 Revitalization Meeting
00-22-2019 2019 Tentative Budget
00-04-2019 Adopted Local Law 2-2019 Enacting a Temporary Six (6) Month Moratorium on Residential Subdivisions
00-08-2019 VHB
00-01-2019 2019 Tentative Assessment Roll
00-15-2019 VHB Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DGEIS)
00-11-2019 VHB Presentation  February 5th 2019
00-11-2019 Citizens Action Committee
00-20-2018 2019 Sanitation Schedule
00-05-2018 Village mourns the passing of our esteemed former Deputy Mayor and Great Neck Alert Fire Department Ex- Chief Ray Plakstis
00-18-2018 United Mashadi Jewish Community of America (UMJCA)  Preliminary Master Site Plan ( revised 8/31/2018)
00-17-2018 Expanded Environmental Assessment for Millbrook  Apartments
00-03-2018 Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting Agenda Item Update
00-27-2018 Village of Great Neck is Paving!
00-27-2018 Shed the Meds - October 28th
00-06-2018 Notice of Special Meeting
00-05-2018 Mayor Bral Announces  Lifting of Parking Restrictions for Religious Observance
00-04-2018 Water Restrictions per the Water Authority of Great Neck North
00-23-2018 Mayor Bral and Board of Trustees announce Vigilant Fire Co. Blood Drive
00-22-2018 Resolution Approving Application of Northshore Millbrook LLC
00-14-2018 Mayor Bral Announces  Lifting of Parking Restrictions for Religious Observance
00-02-2018 Village Taxes Due Today July 2nd
00-21-2018 RFP For Landscape Architect Services
00-18-2018 2018 Village Election Tuesday June 19th
00-05-2018 Clarification Regarding Tax Payment Due Dates
00-04-2018 Music Festival & Street Fair This Weekend June 9-10!
00-31-2018 Village Tax Payments Due June 1-July 2
00-18-2018 Mayor Bral Announces  Lifting of Parking Restrictions for Shavuous Holiday
00-16-2018 Building Department Deposit for Cost Increased
00-08-2018 Announcing the First Great Neck Music Festival and Carnival
00-03-2018 Village of Great Neck Announces Acceptance of  Credit Cards
00-03-2018 Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting Cancelled - Rescheduled for May 14th
00-17-2018 Shredding Day for Village Residents Announced
00-16-2018 The Village of Great Neck's Public Safety Forum , TOMORROW, April 17th
00-12-2018 2018/2019 Village Budget Adopted
00-09-2018 Great Neck Village Reinforces Abandon Property Code
00-04-2018 2018/2019 Tentative Budget
00-28-2018 Passover Sanitation Drop off Site Friday, March 30th
00-28-2018 Mayor Bral Announces Lifting of Overnight Parking Regulations for Passover and Easter
00-09-2018 DRAFT Middle Neck Road/East Shore Road Corridor Study Available
00-07-2018 Mayor Bral and Board of Trustees Launch First Step in Village Vision
00-06-2018 Court Session March 7, 2018 rescheduled to March 14, 2018 Due to Weather
00-26-2018 Nassau County Police Department Forum Rescheduled
00-20-2018 Notice from PSEG-LI Performing Work in the Village
00-31-2018 2018 Tentative Assessment Roll Online
00-24-2018 Notice of Assessment and Grievance Day Announced
00-16-2018 2018 Village Tax Payments to be Returned
00-05-2018 Village Wide Sanitation Pick Up Friday January 5th
00-05-2018 Reminder to Clear Sidewalks
00-04-2018 Village Hall and Garbage Collection Closed Due to Storm
00-04-2018 January 4th BZA Meeting Cancelled
00-04-2018 Parking Restrictions Waived Due to Weather
00-02-2018 New Phone System
00-27-2017 Village Residents Can Pre-pay 2018/2019 Village Taxes
00-26-2017 Emergency Meeting of the Board of Trustees Tuesday December 26, 2017
00-19-2017 Memo Regarding Prepayment of Village Taxes
00-07-2017 Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting Cancelled
00-06-2017 Tax Exemption Applications Due December 31
00-22-2017 Great Neck Housing Authority Applications Being Accepted
00-22-2017 Thanksgiving Holiday Hours and Sanitation Pick up
00-16-2017 Planning Board Meeting Cancelled
00-25-2017 Village Shredding Day November 7
00-13-2017 American Flag Retirement Box at Village Hall
00-12-2017 Board Waives Parking Restrictions in Observance of Holidays
00-11-2017 Great Neck Water Pollution Control District Shed the Meds
00-01-2017 Hurricane Harvey Donation Drive
00-01-2017 Request For Proposals (RFP) For LED Streetlight Installation And Maintenance
00-17-2017 Request for Proposals (RFP) For Purchase of Smart Controls for LED Streetlights
00-07-2017 Village of Great Neck Election is June 20th
00-21-2017 Street Fair Entertainment Announced!
00-02-2017 Village Shredding Day May 2
00-28-2017 UPDATED RFP for Purchase of LED Street Lighting Fixtures
00-27-2017 Meet the Mayor Meeting Announced for Wednesday May 3
00-19-2017 Great Neck Ranked #2 for Best Cities for Staying in Shape
00-11-2017 LED Street Light Purchase Request for Proposal Released
00-10-2017 Landscaping Regulations Reminder
00-05-2017 Mayor Bral Announces Lifting of Parking Regulations
00-03-2017 Passover Sanitation Drop off Site Monday, April 10th
00-21-2017 Board of Trustees Honors Resident Erin Lipinsky
00-15-2017 Garbage Pick Up Wednesday March 15th
00-15-2017 Village Court Open March 15th
00-13-2017 Village Hall Closed Tuesday March 14 Due to Weather
00-13-2017 PSEG Long Island Storm Information
00-08-2017 Nassau County Police Department Safety Tip
00-14-2017 February 16th Planning Board Meeting Cancelled
00-31-2017 2017 Tentative Assessment Roll Available Online
00-26-2017 Notice of Assessment and Grievance Day Announced
00-13-2017 Great Neck School District Representatives to Discuss Bond Referendum at Village Hall February 7
00-06-2017 Great Neck Workforce Housing Application Deadline Announced
00-27-2016 2017 Sanitation Schedule
00-20-2016 Holiday Village Hall and Garbage Schedule
00-28-2016 Nassau County Police Department Community Forum
00-26-2016 Village Waives Sidewalk Repair Permit Fees
00-26-2016 Great Neck Parks District Announces Book Bazaar Giveaway
00-01-2016 Tax Exemption Applications Due Now
00-27-2016 Village Hall Landscaping Gets a Facelift
00-04-2016 Village Announces Community Shredding Day
00-07-2016 Village Crafts Fair A Success
00-07-2016 Mayor Bral's Monthly Meeting
00-24-2016 New Website is Launched!
RFP for Installation and Maintenance of LED Streetlights
The Village of Great Neck's Public Safety Forum has been rescheduled for April 17th
Village of Great Neck's Public Safety Forum, April 17th
Mayor Bral Announces  Lifting of Parking Restrictions for Religious Observance
Mayor Bral Announces  Lifting of Parking Restrictions for Religious Observance
Expanded Environmental Assessment for Millbrook  Apartments
2019 Sanitation Schedule
Revitalization Meeting
2020 Sanitation Schedule
Great neck Revitalization is the word at gathering of Great Neck Leaders